Fairy Tales

This part of our site is dedicated solely to fairy tales; click on any of the story titles here and you and your children will find yourselves enthralled and intrigued by tales of witches, magic spells, princesses and princes, enchanted trees and much more besides. Many of these fairy tales for kids were written centuries ago, and yet, they still manage to engage both adults and children in a way that contemporary authors can only dream of. These are the kinds of stories which can be told over and over again, without ever becoming boring.

Our collection of long and short fairy tales includes a number of world-famous stories, as well as several lesser known ones; from the Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, to Rumpelstilzchen and the Enchanted Elm, to Beauty and the Beast and Lazy Jack, there’s an abundance of wonderful stories for you to choose from.


Although at first glance, fairy tales for kids may seem light hearted and fantastical, they can serve as a great opportunity to teach children how to deal with problems – without even realising it, your little ones will absorb the moral lessons provided by each fairy tale, and will learn to emulate the positive actions of the characters. Each of the fairy tales found on this site encourages a positive outlook; whilst witches and other villains have to be battled with, ultimately, the hero or heroine triumphs, and all is right with the world once more. As children grow, they need to learn how to face the challenges they are presented with – reading these short fairly tales is an incredibly effective, yet gentle way to show them how their favourite characters overcame problems, and how they can do the same.

One of the key lessons which many parents want to share with their children is to be more accepting and kind towards others; there’s no better way to do this than by reading stories such as Beauty and the Beast, in which it is shown that external appearances are not as important as what is inside. Rumpelstilzchen is another story which imparts some important wisdom; namely, that honesty is always the best policy. Likewise, Snow White and Rose Red is a fairy tale which encourages children to behave respectfully and kindly towards their parents and others, as the two girls are both considerate and compassionate throughout the story.

Not only this, but fairy tales are wonderful for developing your child’s imagination; nothing encourages creativity and abstract thinking like a tale filled with magic, adventure and enchantment. As your little ones listen or read along with you, they’ll be conjuring up their own images of Clever Alice, Lazy Jack or the Queen of Lantern Land. Using their imaginations like this each night before bed will spur on their inventiveness, and they may even begin to make up their very own fairy tales! Browse through our collection of fairy tales for kids and discover the bonding and fun that reading them before bed can bring to your family’s evening routine.