Animal Stories

On this part of our website, we have a wonderful selection of charming animal stories for children. Most children adore any type of furry creature, be it a rabbit, dog, cat, bear or squirrel, which is why we have brought together a whole collection of classic animal stories, featuring all kinds of animals, for you to read with your little ones.

Animal stories have been popular with children for centuries, as most love the idea of their favourite creatures coming to life, and dashing off on a whirlwind adventure. Moreover, the simple idea of a talking animal that wears human clothing, will appeal to a child’s imagination and sense of wonder. The characters in these stories are all the more endearing and loveable because they remind little children of their own family pets and favourite stuffed animals. The animal stories for children on our site feature many famous characters, including the mischievous Peter Rabbit, the intrepid adventurer Puss in Boots, and the bold squirrel Nutkin, to name just a few. Each one has their own quirky and charming personality, which makes the stories’ plots even more intriguing, for parents and children alike.

Animal Stories

Most importantly, each of the classic animal tales (no pun intended!) has a moral lesson woven into it, which helps younger children to understand the importance of personal qualities such as compassion, kindness, bravery and honesty. As such, reading these short animal stories to your kids at night not only allows you to bond and spend quality time with them, but also enables you to subtlety impart some important life lessons which will help them to grow up to be a little wiser, and a little kinder. No parent enjoys lecturing their children on these matters, so reading animal stories is the perfect compromise, as it allows you to teach your kids valuable lessons, without the need to nag!

The Story of the Three Bears, for instance – whilst providing some delightful, light hearted entertainment in the form of a rather bold young girl named Goldilocks and a family of cuddly, talking bears – also cleverly conveys how important it is to respect other people’s property, whilst the Tale of Peter Rabbit teaches little ones that it is usually best to listen to your parents’ advice! The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin – a charming story involving a naughty squirrel – gently demonstrates to children why they must always be respectful and polite, and The Leap Frog encourages them to be more thoughtful and to ‘look before they leap’!

We realise that most mums and dads have a lot on their plates, and therefore don’t have the time to spend hours reading to their children every night, and furthermore, that children’s attention spans tend to be rather short! With this in mind, we have made sure to include only the very best short animal stories, which will engage and delight your children without dragging on for too long. If you’re eager to add some reading into your kids bedtime routine, but don’t want to be up till the early hours finishing a story, the tales on this part of our website are the perfect option.